10 Early Warning Signs of a Failing Vendor or Product

  • February 2, 2022
  • Pete Whiting
  • 1 min read

“It’s a fact of business life that technology vendors sometimes go out of business or sunset their products. Over the years, we’ve found a failing vendor or open-source project will exhibit telltale signs. By identifying these signs” early, you can dramatically mitigate your risk, by, for example, timely replacement of the vendor.

First, the author explains 10 warning signs a vendor is failing:

  • Significant fall-off in new customers
  • Declining—or no—community events
  • Disrupted product support
  • Serial acquisitions
  • Distracted founders
  • and 5 more ...

Then, they present a scoring system you can use: 1-2: Remain vigilant, but don’t panic 3-5: Create a solid Plan B 6-10: Locate your nearest exit. Read it.


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