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Enterprise-level experience, with a startup's love for innovation and speed.

We got our start developing enterprise software, and we bring that level of experience to every project we tackle. Our co-founders Nick and Mike first dreamed up the idea for The Gnar Company while working together at an enterprise health-tech organization, where they built state-of-the-art software products. They started small with contract software development projects on nights and weekends, and in 2015 they launched The Gnar full-time. They've never looked back.

Our team is tight-knit, and many of us have spent years working and building software together. After their first few months, Nick and Mike brought on another former co-worker, Pete Whiting, to join Gnar as Head of Growth and Client Service. Our team's cohesion helps us solve our clients' gnarliest software problems at lightning speed. We all count on one another to lend a hand or an idea when it's needed. For example, every line of code written by a Gnar engineer is reviewed by another, in order to ensure the consistent high quality of all of our code.

If creating reliable, well-designed custom software products that companies and users love is our bread and butter, then crafting positive partnerships with our clients is our secret sauce. We're proud of our reputation for being both hard-working and easy-going. We're at our best when we apply our deep love of code and our years of engineering experience to our clients' needs and visions. No challenge is too daunting; no project too complicated. When we're with you in the gnar, that's when we thrive.

Our team likes to ski, and when we do, we don't stick to the bunny hill. When we're forging our way through uncharted terrain-both on the slopes and off-we're at our best. We bring that attitude to every client interaction and do everything we can to solve clients' toughest, gnarliest software problems-like navigating stringent security requirements, complex logic, and highly regulated and protected information-faster.

By any other name, Gnar engineers might be just as talented. But they wouldn't be as scrappy, as experienced, or as amped in the face of a challenge as every member of our team is each and every day.

The "G" is silent

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If you’re a marketing or ad agency, freelance CMO, or business strategist, let’s chat. We’re happy to partner with you to bring your client’s vision to life.

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If you’re obsessed with software, geek out over the latest trends and tools, and have a passion for bringing ideas to life, you could be a good fit for our team. If you thrive on making the impossible happen, we want to hear from you.