Gnar Company Awarded ITS74 Statewide Contract by Commonwealth of Massachusetts

  • September 12, 2019
  • Pete Whiting
  • 1 min read

The Gnar Company is very excited to announce that The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Operational Services Division (OSD), has
awarded The Gnar Company a position on the ITS74 contract. Through this contract, The Gnar Company provides IT professional services including: all aspects of planning, designing, coding, testing, validating, and maintaining a software application, website, or system. Through this statewide contract for IT Project Services state and local government agencies, departments, and organizations can directly contract with The Gnar Company to provide services including:

  • Web Application Development
  • API/Integration Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/UI Design (Web Application, Mobile Apps, Websites)
  • IT Project Management
  • Software Platform Modernizations
  • Software Proof-Of-Concepts/Prototypes
  • Architecture Consulting

Please see our Case Studies for details on several of our past software design and development projects.

Commbuys Vendor Code: 00019938

MMARS Vendor ID: 0001091679

Please click on the icon for more details on how to use this contract.

Massachusetts Statewide Contract Logo

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Massachusetts Commbuys Logo

Eligible Entities to Use Contract:

  1. Cities, towns, districts, counties, and other political subdivisions
  2. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, including all departments and elected offices therein
  3. Independent public authorities, commissions, and quasi-public agencies
  4. Local public libraries, public school districts, and charter schools
  5. Public hospitals owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  6. Public institutions of higher education
  7. Public purchasing cooperatives
  8. Non-profit, UFR-certified organizations that are doing business with the Commonwealth
  9. Other states and territories with no prior approval by the State Purchasing Agent
  10. Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent

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