Website Development

Code that brings your brand to life.

Your website is the front door to your brand: the gateway that welcomes customers to your digital home. Our team of experienced, US-based website developers brings your company’s vision to life, whether we’re starting from scratch or enhancing an existing site.

If you're looking to build an average, run-of-the-mill website, you've come to the wrong place. The Gnar's websites are beautifully-designed, user-friendly, bug-free...and they always have a little something extra. When it comes to building your website, we want to help you stand out from the crowd.

Responsive designs to delight your customers.

We build websites that are responsive for all users across all devices, so you can connect more quickly and easily with all your clients and prospects. Our sites work equally well and look equally beautiful on an iPhone, Android, desktop, or tablet device, because we know delivering a stellar experience to every customer matters to you.

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A design and development process that puts your customer first.

When you work with us, you can count on our years of product development experience and expertise, which help us create experiences that delight your customers and engender goodwill for your brand. Our expert engineers start the process by mapping your user’s journey across your site, then build flows and prototypes that optimize the user experience and develop user stories that help us understand how each code change will affect your customers.

Extensive UX testing ensures that we’re delivering the best bug-free experience for your customers, no matter what browser or device they’re using to visit your site.


When you hire The Gnar, you hire expert engineers who are 100% dedicated to your project.

When we assign a team of engineers to your website development project, they’re all yours – they work exclusively for you from kick-off to launch. Our expert engineers select the best programming language for your specific needs and specialize in Ruby on Rails, React, Vue, Javascript, WordPress, and more. We’re some of the best React developers in the business, and we our team can easily support React front ends with Ruby on Rails or Javascript back ends.

Our ultimate goal is to position you and your website for sustained success – with or without us. We build scalable sites and keep detailed documentation, so you can more easily maintain, update, and improve upon what we’ve built together.

Relevant Technologies:

React/JS | Ruby on Rails | Shopify

  • A dedicated A-team of US-based engineers who are 100% dedicated
  • A Bug-Free Warranty: we’ll repair any nonconforming, released code at no charge for a full year
  • Our Quality Software, Faster. process that balances quality and speed and enables us to deliver production ready code in the first week
  • A Temporary by Design staffing approach that fosters self-sufficiency
  • A tool-agnostic mindset to meet your specific vision and needs

Hire Us!

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, tackle a wide range of software challenges, and apply agility and alacrity to every project. If we're developing code for you, our 100% dedicated, US-based team will start delivering it in the first week, and we offer a 12-month Bug-Free Warranty.

Whatever your need, we're up for the challenge. We're here to solve your gnarliest software problems–fast.

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