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We're proud of the work we do. But don’t take our word for it—our clients are, too. Here’s why companies across industries, from startups to enterprises, choose to work with us.

They were friendly, smart, engaging, overly competent, and competitively priced. After a few meetings with the founding team, I was confident they would deliver on what they promised and they did. We were also able to sit down face-to-face, which was comforting and valuable.

Woody Klemmer | Co-Founder, Laborocity

We met with several firms when looking for help with this project. Gnar stood out for a couple reasons: during our initial talks they had a grasp of the project's challenges and some good insights based on past experience for how to approach them, were willing to work in a style that matched our style and were willing to work alongside our team, making sure our engineers fully understood the code they would inherit.

Nick Herbold | Engineering Manager, Level Up

Gnar’s test-driven development methodology gave us a lot of peace of mind in avoidance of regression issues as the app scales; I chose Gnar because of their warranty on the code they provided. I actually thought they were foolish to be offering a guarantee on code being could this be profitable? But then I realized they provide this warranty because issues almost never come up. With the test-driven approach, they know that new code won’t cause something else to break.

Jeff McNeil | CEO, Qeepsake

I found everything impressive about Gnar. Each individual I worked with was highly skilled in their respective roles and all fantastic to work with. The communication was exceptional, and they offered out great ideas, more efficient ways things could be done if applicable, and were cost-conscious. I would recommend them to anyone.

Patricia Sandoz | CEO, Investment Management Support Solutions

The Gnar Company’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and ownership of the technology space distinguished them. I never felt that they wouldn’t be able to do anything that we threw at them—they were ultra-capable and ultra-enthusiastic about the type and level of work that we were looking for.

VP of Engineering | Advertising Technology Company

We were concerned about adding people into an ongoing project, worrying that it would cause more of a disruption than would return benefits. Based on the quality of The Gnar’s talent, they were able to contribute quickly. Over the course of the project, their team added tremendous value.

VP of Engineering | Advertising Technology Company

We had another application prior developed by another company…with [Gnar], our first objective was to look at the old code and see what we could do with it. In the end, we decided they should start from scratch. That was a tough pill to swallow and required us to have a lot of trust in them.

Previously, the app was an information guide, but Gnar took it to another level. We shared pain points and they delivered new functionality…We had around 1,800 users on the old application, which is sizable for our industry, but we’re at nearly 3,000 users on the new app. The feedback we’re getting from our end-users call it clean and friendly; they’re actually using it as a reference material as we intended.

Amit Kapoor | President, First Line Technology

We’re not directly using the application—it’s our customers, and their feedback is that it’s a massive improvement. Our first responder community doesn’t get a lot of good apps, and they’re amazed that Gnar was able to deliver exactly what they needed without being first responders themselves.

Amit Kapoor | President, First Line Technology


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