We have the software expertise. You have the industry knowledge. Together, we’re unstoppable.

At The Gnar, we’re experts in developing secure, scalable, integrated mobile and web-based software products. We apply our expertise and experience to projects across industries, and we love to learn about new sectors and tackle new challenges. We rely on our clients to provide the key industry intel we need to know—and we adapt our process accordingly so the products we develop are sure to stand out.

As part of our software development process, every project begins with a comprehensive discovery workshop, which allows us to do a deep dive into your company, your industry, and your needs. Clients across industries appreciate our attention to detail, our technical prowess, and our ability to understand your industry’s specific technical requirements.

We’re industry agnostic, but we’ve proven that we’re particularly suited to the challenges presented by the following sectors.

Healthtech & Wellness

Protecting patients’ data is the first priority of healthtech & wellness companies. Businesses in this industry can’t afford to work with a software developer that is unwilling or unable to ensure HIPAA compliance and protection of users’ personal identifiable information (PII).

At Gnar, we’re privacy pros. Our founding team met while developing innovative software for a healthtech company. Our technical expertise, plus our willingness to face complex regulatory requirements, has made us a trusted partner to companies in this space. We know how to integrate seamlessly with multiple disparate systems, so we can handle applications that pull in data from various places securely and scalably.



Developing software for government organizations is no mean feat. Often, government entities run on complex, archaic systems. These platforms can require a translation layer in order to transform information into a format that’s usable by modern cloud applications.

Many software developers aren’t willing to go the extra mile to build that translation layer—but many software developers aren’t The Gnar.

We build integrations that allow for communication among cloud-based, hybrid, and server-based systems. No matter the complexity of the task, we’re up for the challenge.



These days, anyone—and we mean anyone—can easily spin up a Shopify site. Making a site that stands out from the (increasingly crowded) crowd? That’s a whole different story.

We apply a headless development process and use Shopify’s back-end to support a custom-built front-end. All of our US-based engineers are experts in Shopify as well as React, Next, and Javascript, so we can easily build a custom site that your shop’s users will love.

If it’s your goal to become a $10M or $100M eCommerce company, a generic storefront won’t cut it. You need a software developer that's agile and experienced enough to create a shop worthy of your product and your brand.

Your Industry

Like we said—we love a challenge. We’ve worked with all kinds of companies within and outside of these categories, from startups through established enterprises in energy, logistics, insurance, consumer, cannabis, cyber security, and more. We’re ready to collaborate with you to learn about your industry’s unique opportunities and pain points, so we can create software your users will love.