Government / Public Sector

Building technology to power federal, state, and local agencies

Together, government agencies and other public sector institutions serve more customers than any other business. Making sure the technologies that accompany and deliver that service are efficient and safe should be a top priority. 

We help public sector organizations: 

  • Conduct background checks in real-time
  • Modernize legacy applications to Improve performance, maintainability, and security
  • Integrate and share data across systems
  • Implement ADA compliance across applications
  • Connect with their constituents and users
  • Implement AI systems to improve productivity
  • Build mobile-first experiences with responsive web or mobile applications
  • Design user-centric applications

Background Check System for MA Department of Early Education & Care

The Gnar Company partnered with EEC to replace its legacy background check management system with a more comprehensive and efficient cloud-based platform that also incorporated a fingerprint-based check of state and national criminal history databases.  The platform includes a background check viewer for compliance officers to review results, applicant portal for applicants to upload supporting documents, program portal that allows child care providers to input new candidate or employee information, as well as a broker can query the following agencies: DCJIS CORI, DCJIS SORI, DCJIS Warrants, NSOR (FBI), SAFIS (FBI), Idemia (Fingerprint Scheduling), and DCF iFamily.

Department of Early Care and Education

Rideshare Background Check System for MA Department of Public Utilities

Since 2017, every Uber, Lyft, or other transport network company (TNC) driver in Massachusetts has been put through this Department of Public Utilities (DPU) background system for SORI, CORI, Warrant, and RMV checks.  The system pulls information from various databases, then funnels that information into a dashboard that allows for quick decision-making by compliance officers. Designed to enable real-time checks and apply consistent rules to drivers, our system features an auto-approver that rejects or approves drivers automatically when certain parameters are met and allows for manual review when further criteria are required. Once drivers are approved, they receive an electronically-delivered driver clearance certificate issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

One Check, One Platform

In response to government needs, The Gnar has developed OneCheck. A background check platform for state and municipal government organizations, OneCheck consolidates all background check results from disparate systems into one automated platform for streamlined review. Background checks are an important tool for state and municipal governments to ensure the safety of their citizens, but are often labor intensive and require long lead-times. The OneCheck platform enables background results in real-time.


Learn more about how you can speed up background check times, simplify your workflow, and keep more people safe.

Mobile App Development

Delivering on-the-go experiences for constituents and employees

Citizens and government employees expect seamless experiences in everything they do. We offer government agencies custom mobile app development services powered by cross-platform technologies. With years of software and mobile app development expertise, we craft user-centric apps for iOS and Android. Once we finish mobile app development, we’ll even shepherd your app through the app store, so you can attract users and five-star reviews more quickly.