Gnarly Learnings from January

  • February 1, 2021
  • Pete Whiting
  • 2 min read

by Kevin Murphy

We love reading, watching, and listening to constantly update our skills and
learn new perspectives. Here are some of the exciting pieces we learned from
this month.

Full Stack Radio with DHH - Building HEY with Hotwire

Here is an in-depth discussion on Hotwire, the HTML over the wire architecture recently released. The insight into using these tools to incrementally improve the experience for users by building on existing concepts is a valuable lesson.

Ruby 3.0 and the new FiberScheduler interface

Ruby 3.0 released on Christmas, as is the tradition for ruby releases. There are
many improvements, particularly around concurrency, and this digs in to one of those improvements.

Caching All Native Ruby Gem Platforms

????Shameless self-promotion!????

If you need to cache multiple platforms of gems locally, we figured it out for you!

Understanding Connections & Pools

A detailed rundown on connection pooling, across various technologies
and platforms.

10 years(-ish) of Elixir

A great retrospective on the past, present, and future of Elixir. Congrats to
everyone involved (and particularly José Valim)!

Look Ma, no JWT!

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Here we revisit the implications of introducing JWTs for API authentication and propose an alternative.

Common mistakes with React Testing Library

If you use React Testing Library
you'll want to check out Kent Dodds' tips and tricks that can be put to use
right away.

A Few Methods for Returning Default Values when Creating ActiveRecord Objects

Where'd your default value, assigned by the database, go when inserting a record
with ActiveRecord? This article explains why it's missing, along with some ways
around it.

Alice and Bob Cast of Characters

Maybe you've used or heard Alice, Bob, and Carol being used for stand-in names
for different scenarios. Did you know there's an entire universe of other names,
some of which target specific personas? Neither did we, until reading this!

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