Gnarly Learnings from October 2023

  • November 14, 2023
  • Royce Threadgill
  • 3 min read

At The Gnar, we’re always reading, watching, and listening in order to keep our skills sharp and our perspectives fresh. Every month, we round up our learnings and publish them in a Gnarly Learnings blog post.

In October 2023, we learned about building AI apps with Elixir, examined the Storefront UI component library offered by Vue Storefront, and took our first in-depth look at the Bun JavaScript runtime.

AI Business Applications

When we think of computer interfaces, we’re usually thinking about UI (user interface) elements where I click on menus and there's buttons and all this stuff. Increasingly, now we can just talk

ElixirConf 2023 Magic AI Box

In his ElixirConf 2023 presentation titled Building AI Apps with Elixir, Charlie Holtz gives an overview of AI business applications using refreshingly simple language.

Want some more insights? Check out our full analysis of the ElixirConf talk.

In a three-part series, Planet Money created a full podcast episode written and voiced by artificial intelligence.

Ecommerce Web Design

Example of the Storefront UI from Vue Storefront

For React or Vue apps, check out the open-source Storefront UI from Vue Storefront, which provides customizable components built for ecommerce.

Jakub Andrzejewski, developer advocate for Vue Storefront, talks more about headless ecommerce on the COMPRESSEDfm podcast.


[31:30] …a lot of our customers are using Lit for design systems. So Adobe, Alaska Airlines, IBM, Cisco, ING…, Red Hat, SAP, Shoelace Components…VMware, the Internet Archive…Reddit, Just Eat Takeaway.

In a recent JS Party podcast, Justin Fagnani (creator of Lit), discusses how and why Lit is used in design systems.

Engineers, product managers, and researchers all have an important part to play in the design of a product. Their work, like ours, shapes the user experience. But despite shared interests, teams are often siloed by discipline, which makes collaboration and communication difficult, even dysfunctional.

Learn how lateral design can deliver superior products, outcomes, and experiences.

Mobile App Development

This summer, Expo had its first Launch Party – here’s the recap and the original Launch Party page if you want more information.

A recent Expo video briefly explains how to build apps with React Native and Expo. For more information, check out the full App.js Conf 2023 keynote.

Tech Insights


At The Gnar, we always try to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. In Bun JavaScript Runtime First Look, we examine the features of Bun and ask one of our engineers how it worked as a drop in replacement for Node.

Gnarly Bytes

  • Postgres: Orphaned .pid files can lead to some odd Postgres behavior, but this StackOverflow post reminds us we can use rm -f /usr/local/var/postgres/ to fix the problem
  • DevEx: Command+I now opens an inline GitHub Copilot prompt
  • Libraries: For fans of HTMX or Turbo, check out Unpoly
  • Libraries: For fans of asdf version manager, check out rtx for a Rust-based alternative

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