DevSecOps 101: What is DevSecOps?

Embracing DevSecOps demands moving beyond the old “set it and forget it” mentality. You are probably already adopting DevSecOps at some level; you just may not be doing a satisfactory job yet.

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Playbook for a Smooth Launch

An astronaut holding a cartoonish fishing rod surrounded by cartoonish stars.

Recently, I was upgrading the core functionality of a Shopify app that we built for a client. The nature of this app required the majority of the changes to be tested in the production environment. While this wasn’t ideal, sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Naturally, this introduced a certain amount of anxiety…

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Looking Forward in Mobile Development

Image of a pirate jumping out of a phone

TL;DR Very few businesses really need a mobile application. If you use Bluetooth or GPS, you know what you need. But for everyone else, whether you want a mobile app depends mostly on the experience you offer your users. Technology Marches On Mobile development, particular cross-platform (e.g. both iOS and Android), is at a much…

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Gnarly technology predictions for 2022

When we first started The Gnar Company I expected to spend a significant amount of time researching and implementing new technologies each year. What we’ve generally found is while new frameworks and stacks are constantly evolving, clients typically seek expertise and stability within a given tech ecosystem. In our 6 years of operating The Gnar…

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