Mobile App Development

Mobile app development that delivers compelling, on-the-go experiences across platforms.

It’s critical that your mobile apps work seamlessly across operating systems, whether your customer is using an iPhone or an Android device. We're a US-based mobile app development company that provides custom mobile app development services powered by cross-platform technologies, so you can blow every user’s mind.

We leverage our years of software and mobile app development expertise to craft memorable, user-centric apps for iOS and Android. Once we finish mobile app development, we’ll even shepherd your app through the app store, so you can attract users and five-star reviews more quickly.

Efficient, cross-platform mobile app development.

Because of its efficiency and ease of use, we recommend React Native for front-end mobile app development. Its cross-platform interface allows our engineers to cost-effectively create a single code base for both Android and iOS apps. But as one of Boston's top mobile app development companies, we're also experts in multiple other platforms, so we can confidently develop your mobile apps no matter your preferred system or particular specifications. We pride ourselves on our independent, honest judgment, which means we won't recommend a tool, platform, or process that won't work well for your needs.

As a bonus: you can reuse in your web applications any React Native components we built for your mobile apps.

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Our agile, adaptable mobile app developers meet your needs.

While our engineers are experts in developing mobile apps with Ruby on Rails back ends and React Native front ends, we’re platform-agnostic and can provide mobile app development services that support the platform of your choice. If you’re a large company with an existing team of developers in an existing interface, we’re happy to keep things simple and build in your preferred platform.

Your Gnar engineering team is 100% dedicated to you. Our engineers only work on one project at a time, so when you hire The Gnar, you hire mobile app developers who are on-call to work directly with you – and only you.


Setting you up for success.

At Gnar, we're temporary by design. It's our goal to build a strong foundation, then hand you the keys. Our Quality Software, Faster.™ process and commitment to thorough documentation means that any engineer that interacts with a Gnar app will be able to understand exactly how and why we wrote every single line of code. That way, you can continue to maintain and adjust the app once it's launched – with or without our help.

Relevant Technologies:

React Native, Ruby on Rails

  • An exemplary team of US-based software engineers who are 100% dedicated to your project
  • A Bug-Free Warranty: we’ll repair any nonconforming, released code at no charge for a full year
  • Our Quality Software, Faster. process that balances quality and speed and enables us to deliver production ready code in the first week
  • A Temporary by Design staffing approach that fosters self-sufficiency
  • A tool-agnostic mindset to meet your specific vision and needs

Hire Us!

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, tackle a wide range of software challenges, and apply agility and alacrity to every project. If we're developing code for you, our 100% dedicated, US-based team will start delivering it in the first week, and we offer a 12-month Bug-Free Warranty.

Whatever your need, we're up for the challenge. We're here to solve your gnarliest software problems–fast.

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