User Experience
& Brand Design

We design tools and websites for everyday humans. The most critical step in creating a robust user experience is understanding the folks who live it.

Design Example

Bespoke Product Design

Bespoke Product Design

Our design experience spans the business spectrum, from massive enterprise products to small startup MVPs, from health care to cat litter. We approach each project with design thinking, and we collaborate with your team to craft a memorable, branded experience.

Our UX Design Process

We use a design-thinking framework we've developed over the years for solving creative problems. At its core, the process is human-centric and focused on understanding the user's unmet needs.

We immerse ourselves in research, your brand, your industry, and your competition, and gather inspiration to discover what people really need. Then our focus turns to building prototypes as quickly as possible, allowing us to "fail early" and improve our ideas over time.


We begin each engagement with a discovery phase in which we explore the creative challenges of your project through a series of lenses. What business goals are we trying to meet? What user needs are we trying to address? Who are the people we're trying to reach? What's currently working and what’s not? What's happening in the industry, and what are your competitors doing?

We lead with small, intensive workshops with your stakeholders, where we hear it straight from the horse's mouth. We then immerse ourselves in research,  gathering inspiration and ideas.

User Journey Mapping

After the discovery phase comes planning, in which we craft high-level user flows. How many steps does it take to perform a task? How does the user jump from one section to the other? Does the information architecture help folks solve their problems quickly?

Wireframes & Prototypes

Once the user flow is set, we further refine the information architecture through wireframe prototypes. Wireframes are simple, clickable demos that allows us to rapidly prototype an idea before any visual design or coding is done. These prototypes are often visually crude, but they help us refine the experience by testing how content, features, and pages relate to each other.

Visual Design

Now that our structure and flow is defined, we then move to the visual design and concepting phase. We begin exploring how we bring the experience to life with color, type, photography, navigation, and motion. Whether we're following your existing brand or crafting a completely new look-and-feel, this where the experience comes to life – and we define exactly what folks will see and use.


Design work is never actually done. It constantly evolves based on what we learn after launch. We're focused on delivering design solutions that can nimbly change and adapt over time.

Brand Examples

Brand Design

Branding is way more than just a slick logo. From website content to software error messages, each touchpoint with your customer is an opportunity to reinforce your brand values. We take a holistic approach to branding, ensuring that all aspects of your unique brand fully embody your organization's values and purpose.

Need a memorable brand? We craft brand systems inspired by your values and focused on inspiring action from your audience. If you're launching a new product and branding your company, we can help your create a brand design system that stands out.