Maintaining and Improving Code to Support Fitbit’s Clients



Fitbit designs products that promote health and wellness and help users achieve their fitness goals, as well offers health and wellness solutions to help increase engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive a positive return for employers, health plans and health system. One of the original wearable fitness device creators, Fitbit has acquired many companies as part of its business strategy. When such an acquisition occurs, it's critical for Fitbit to continue business as usual.


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The Challenge

Fitbit had acquired a health coaching platform company, which enhanced clinical services through the use of its software, empowering people to seek better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs. It needed to build the next-generation of that company’s software and integrate it into the broader Fitbit platform. While building the new software, the team needed to ensure that existing, legacy clients did not experience disruption of service – but Fitbit's internal team didn't have the bandwidth for this task. Fitbit needed to engage with a partner that could improve the performance of the Fitbit Plus platform via software development and database improvements.


The Solution

Fitbit partnered with Gnar to maintain and enhance the legacy application, which in turn allowed Fitbit's internal resources to focus on building the next-generation of the platform that was more tightly integrated within the Fitbit ecosystem. Our team worked on-site at Fitbit’s Boston office multiple times per week to maintain the existing code base while adding new functionality.

We performed detailed code audits and collaborated with the internal team to solve problems as they arose, and we became proficient on the existing system codebase. That collaborative relationship was particularly helpful as the Fitbit team worked to build the next-generation software platform.

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The Results

By working with Gnar, Fitbit was able to successfully transition hundreds of thousands of existing Fitbit Plus clients to the new platform while continuing to meet and maintain all client commitments and service-level agreements.

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