The Gnar Company Records Perfect Score from their Debut Review on Clutch for React Native Project

  • January 26, 2021
  • Pete Whiting
  • 2 min read


Mobile app development today boasts a broader set of technology options. In particular, there is rising popularity of cross-platform technologies, such as React Native, as an alternative to native iOS and Android mobile app development. React Native enables a single JavaScript codebase to be deployed to both iOS and Android platforms. The single codebase makes it easier to maintain the app, as code can be reused across platforms and deployed to the various app stores from one repository. It also requires fewer engineering resources, as web teams fluent in React can work in React Native. This mitigates the need for separate iOS and Android mobile teams.

Several years ago, The Gnar Company made the decision to focus our mobile app efforts on React Native development, due to its lower build and maintenance costs with largely equivalent capabilities to native development. We have built over a dozen React Native mobile apps across a number of industries, including healthcare and education.

Recently our team was engaged to create an application to help first responders and military professionals stay safe in precarious situations. First Line Technology, a business focused on building products that deal with responses to chemical and biological warfare, hired us to build a mobile application for one of their key products, Decon Field Guide.

The Decon Field Guide is used to handle multiple types of biological threats — from Ebola to Coronavirus. First Line Tech wanted to provide an easy way for their users to receive decontamination protocols digitally, and provide other useful guides to ensure successful decontamination.

We began working with First Line Tech by auditing an existing application that was intended to support the functionality they wanted, but fell short in a number of areas. Based on the status of the previous application, we determined that we could build a new application with all the functionality they needed in less time than it would take to fix the old one. It was a tough decision for both parties, and our team knew it may have meant losing the work altogether. In the end however, First Line Technology decided to trust our advice, and we delivered a top-of-the-line product.

clutch review

Due to the success of our application, the user base grew from 1,800 to nearly 3,000. The feedback from end-users was overwhelmingly positive, as was the client’s 5-star review on our Clutch profile.

Apart from this humbling review, The Gnar Company is also listed among the leading companies on The Manifest website. Catch our team on their site among other industry leaders.

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