Gnarly News January 2023

  • January 27, 2023
  • Ethan Fertsch
  • 1 min read

The software development landscape is constantly changing. As a software consultancy, it’s our responsibility to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. Here are some headlines that caught our attention recently. 

React Native 0.71 Released

We’ve had our eyes on the various release candidates for a few months and we were stoked with the announcement that the latest version of React Native was finally released this month! Our favorite feature, you ask? TypeScript by default. 😍

M1 Workers on EAS Build Are Generally Available

This month, Expo announced that M1 workers are generally available for iOS builds which were shown to improve build times by 40% (though they call out in the article above that your mileage may vary). You can easily switch from Intel to M1 workers by adding or upgrading EAS CLI to >=3.3.0 and setting the resourceClass field in your build profiles in eas.json to "m1-medium".

Ruby 3.2.0 Released

Last month, we shared the first release candidate for Ruby 3.2.0 and then waited patiently for Christmas morning… Alas! Ruby 3.2.0 has been released and it is chock full of performance updates and debugging tools. Check it out! 👆


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