Gnarly Learnings From June 2022

We love reading, watching, and listening to constantly update our skills and learn new perspectives. Here are some of the exciting pieces we learned from this month. Goodbye, useEffect In this talk, David Khorshid discusses the awkward undesirable aspects of using useEffect to handle side effects. Specifically, useEffect’s proclivity for entering infinite loops and React…

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Make Yourself Accessible: New Rails Apps

In Part 1 of this series, I talked through some of the ethical and moral rationales for making a website accessible to as many people as possible. It’s good for your users, and it’s good for your code, so it’s a good idea. But I didn’t actually lay out the process of adding accessibility checks…

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Make Yourself Accessible: Why It Matters

My grandfather used a wheelchair after suffering a spinal injury in his forties. His house had a long ramp and a tiny elevator, his pepper grinder was electric, and he slept on a waterbed (it was AWESOME). If he were using the modern Internet, he’d be using accessibility tech. He had mobility in his hands,…

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Managing Shopify App Extensions Across Environments

Recently, Shopify started requiring that any apps integrating with a Theme use Theme App Extensions. There is plenty of documentation related to getting started with Theme App Extensions, such as Shopify’s documentation, but there is very little information available regarding managing these extensions across dev, staging, and production environments. The challenge of managing extensions across…

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What’s the True Value of Mobile Apps?

The true value of mobile apps

In a world that’s becoming increasingly mobile-first, apps are a critical component of any company’s business plan. As a retail or QSR brand, can you get away with relying on third-party apps to connect with your customers and grow your business? A new study reveals that proprietary apps drive customer loyalty—and even correlate with more…

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Why the Future of Health Care is Mobile

The future of healthcare is mobile

When it comes to technology adoption, healthcare lags behind other industries. In the coming years, though, mobile adoption in healthcare will be a must. Mobile apps create efficiencies within provider teams and enable streamlined communications that can directly and positively impact patient care. In a mobile future, the healthcare companies that aren’t mobile-first may fall…

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Hotwired Modals

Car in a claw machine

We can use Hotwire — specifically, Stimulus and Turbo — to create some modals that present a nice, dynamic user experience. And they can do this while staying in a mutli-page app structure that Rails is so good at. First off, we need to know that, with Turbo, you can load a page with a…

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Looking Forward in Mobile Development

Image of a pirate jumping out of a phone

TL;DR Very few businesses really need a mobile application. If you use Bluetooth or GPS, you know what you need. But for everyone else, whether you want a mobile app depends mostly on the experience you offer your users. Technology Marches On Mobile development, particular cross-platform (e.g. both iOS and Android), is at a much…

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10 Signs Your Custom Software is in Trouble

Does this sound like your company? Customer Support call volume has increased because users are having trouble navigating your website or app. Marketing is frustrated be the inability to make changes to customer-facing applications quickly and easily. Sales is frustrated by crashing or poorly performing demos. If you’re receiving complaints from customers and departments across…

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