10 Signs Your Custom Software is in Trouble

  • March 17, 2022
  • Pete Whiting
  • 1 min read

Does this sound like your company?

  • Customer Support call volume has increased because users are having trouble navigating your website or app.
  • Marketing is frustrated be the inability to make changes to customer-facing applications quickly and easily.
  • Sales is frustrated by crashing or poorly performing demos.

If you’re receiving complaints from customers and departments across the organization, it may be time to look under the proverbial hood. Pervasive complaints, problems, and frustrations might have a common root cause: fragile, buggy code that’s creating issues for your company’s proprietary software, i.e., your website, apps, and other custom software products for internal and external users.

It is very easy to miss the forest for the trees as you may not realize that the root of these disparate complaints from different users at different times could be the same: your company’s codebase. Often, code issues are the result of a sub-par development process—which in addition to all the other problems, means your engineering team is likely working harder and slower than they could be.

Telltale signs of subpar software exist, even to a relatively untrained eye. Download our white paper for "10 Signs Your Custom Software is in Trouble"—and learn how software development companies help fix it.

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