Torq Interface

Building a Healthcare Mobile App and Web Platform

Project Type
Mobile App / Foundational Software
React native






Torq Interface provides a HIPAA-compliant platform that connects medical device reps and hospitals during surgical planning. Reps are only allowed access to essential surgical procedure data via mobile app in a controlled, real-time exchange with hospitals. The Gnar Company was hired by Torq to build both the mobile app for reps and web software platform for hospitals. Surgical schedules fluctuate dramatically, and real-time updates enable medical device reps to be at the right facility with the right equipment for the patient.

Mobile App

The Gnar Company built the Torq Interface mobile app in React Native and launched both in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. The app provides real-time surgical info, including dates and times, to medical device reps. Reps can also confirm case receipts with the press of a button so the hospital staff is aware of coverage in real-time.

Transition to Internal Technology Team

Once Torq Interface hired their first software engineer, the engineer worked closely with The Gnar team to transition the software and infrastructure to Torq's internal team.

Web Platform

The web platform was built using Ruby on Rails to provide hospitals a tool for relaying essential, real-time surgical info to vendors, including date, time, surgeon, procedure, side, and equipment notes to medical device reps.


Gnar integrated Torq’s mobile and web applications with Redox to connect to the hospital’s EHR systems to pull the surgery scheduling and procedure information into the platform.