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Going from MVP to a Foundational Product

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Foundational Software








Qeepsake is the easiest way to capture and archive unforgettable memories about your kids. The founders of Qeepsake had a prototype that validated the business idea, but the prototype was not scalable and lacked a robust feature set. To improve that, Qeepsake worked with Gnar to build their 1.0 product offering, while the management team built a waitlist for launch of over 100,000 users.

Foundational 1.0 Product

Qeepsake and Gnar collaborated closely to scope, prioritize, and build out features for the responsive mobile app. The onboarding UX was designed to optimize conversion rate for launch and enable continuous A/B testing of offerings and pricing.

Operation and Support

After launch, The Gnar Company continued to monitor performance and address customer issues. Gnar worked with the Qeepsake team to respond to customer support requests and feedback in real time.

Stripe Integration

Qeepsake uses Stripe for credit card processing. Qeepsake offers three different pricing plans with different features and notifications for their customers.

Full Stack

Along with the 1.0 product offering, The Gnar Company built Qeepsake’s back-end in Ruby on Rails. The back-end cloud-based infrastructure (AWS via Heroku) that was built houses user details and purchase history, as well as performs back-office support and BI reporting.

Messaging Integration

Gnar integrated the Qeepsake app with multiple messaging platforms, including Twilio for SMS/MMS and Facebook Messenger. Gnar also provided for differentiation in Qeepsake's free and paid pricing tiers by segmenting communication platforms by subscription type.

After seeing 20x growth in our userbase and meaningful revenue we've seen Qeepsake as a product mature into Qeepsake as a business — a huge leap forward. Jeff McNeil CEO, Qeepsake