First Line Technology

Redesigning and Rebuilding a Mobile App for First Responders

Project Type
Mobile Application
React native




First Line Technology designs and manufactures disaster preparedness and response equipment for the military, the government, and first responders. One of its primary product lines is Dahlgren Decon™, a three-component decontamination solution that can quickly decontaminate most chemical warfare agents, toxic materials, and other emerging threats. As part of their service offering, First Line Technology also offers access to their Decon Field Guide web and mobile app so that first responders can look up the proper decontamination methods for hundreds of known and emerging threats. To drive higher engagement with their customer base, First Line Technology wanted to update the user interface and add new functionality to their React Native mobile app. The number of Decon Field Guide app users has nearly doubled since the new and improved mobile app’s relaunch.

Mobile App Redesign

First Line Technology and The Gnar Company kicked off the work with a Design and Discovery project to define the new user journeys and app features. The discovery workshop was followed by designing app wireframes and final design comps leveraging First line Technology’s brand guidelines, which facilitated a detailed estimate for the development effort.

WordPress Development

The Decon Field Guide is also available to customers as a WordPress web application. The user management and content management for both the web and mobile applications are managed via a WordPress backend. The Gnar Company built new WordPress post types for the videos, manuals, terms glossary, and FAQs so that First Line could continually update this content. The WordPress web application was updated with these new resources as well.

New Mobile App UI and Functionality

In addition to the new user interface, The Gnar Company added improved threat index search functionality, pictorial decontamination instructions, and an in-app timer. New resources were also added to the app to support users, including videos, manuals, a terms glossary, and FAQs.