Building a Robust and Scalable Mobile App for Qeepsake



Qeepsake is a modern memory-building company that allows parents to capture and archive unforgettable memories about their children quickly and easily. With Qeepsake, parents can easily collect and curate photos, videos, milestones, and journal entries, then turn those memories into a series of heirloom albums.


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The Challenge

When Qeepsake was just getting started, the company needed to enhance and expand its prototype product. Qeepsake’s initial app validated the company’s business idea, but it's features weren't robust nor was it scalable. Qeepsake needed an experienced, agile partner to help build out its foundational app in a way that would scale easily, integrate multiple customer experience-enhancing features, and support payment.

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The Solution

Qeepsake partnered with The Gnar Company to develop its Foundational 1.0 product: a responsive mobile app designed to scale.

To begin the project, we collaborated closely with the Qeepsake team to scope, prioritize, and build out features for the responsive mobile app. We designed the UX with clear business goals in mind: i.e., optimizing conversion rate for launch and enabling continuous A/B testing of Qeepsake’s offerings and pricing. We integrated the app with multiple messaging platforms, including Twilio for SMS/MMS and Facebook Messenger. These integrations allow parents to easily exchange messages about their children and memories with Qeepsake, then frictionlessly save their responses to their Qeepsake journals. We also provided for differentiation between Qeepsake’s free and paid pricing tiers by segmenting communication platforms by subscription type.

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Additionally, we integrated the app with Stripe, which Qeepsake uses for credit card processing. We built functionality to support Qeepsake’s three different pricing plans, which are associated with different features and notifications for various customers.

To support the mobile app, we built Qeepsake’s back-end using Ruby on Rails. The back-end cloud-based infrastructure we constructed houses user details and purchase history and performs back-office support and business intelligence reporting. This back-end has helped Qeepsake scale from a startup with an exciting idea to a truly scalable company.

After launch, we have continued to monitor performance and assist the Qeepsake team in responding to customer support requests and feedback in real-time.

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The Results

Qeepsake launched its foundational application in March 2016, and it now handles over 150,000 users. Since launching the app, the company also appeared on Shark Tank, where its founders received a deal offer they ultimately turned down.

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