Building A Marketplace Application


Laborocity is a job marketplace that helps warehouses and other companies hire employees. The company serves warehouses seeking staff as well as job candidates seeking warehouse jobs.


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The Challenge

The company needed to create a two-sided online marketplace that would allow both job-posters and job-seekers to list their job openings and build their respective employment profiles, and which would automatically match qualified candidates with jobs.

In addition, Laborocity needed to engineer a particular payments workflow that would pay funds for a job to the company upfront, then release them to the person conducting the work only once the work had been verified as complete.

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The Solution

Laborocity partnered with Gnar to develop its job marketplace and automate what had been a highly manual job-matching process. We developed user stories to understand the business logic and value proposition to both job-seeking candidates and job-posters, which enabled us to build a responsive web application that could automatically connect qualified candidates with the right jobs. This automation saved substantial time and improved the experience for users on both side of the marketplace. In addition, we built robust dashboards that included KPIs, so Laborocity management could monitor the business with one click.

We also built a Ruby on Rails API and a React front-end for Laborocity, which facilitated a follow-up phase to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Finally, we built an integration with Stripe, which allows Laborocity to process payment securely and efficiently from its own platform.

”They were local, friendly, smart, engaging, overly competent, and competitively priced. After a few meetings with the founding team, I was confident they would deliver on what they promised and they did. They were also local, so we were able to sit down face-to-face, which was comforting and valuable.


-Woody | CEO Co-Founder/COO, Laborocity

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The Results

The responsive app we built for Laborocity ultimately offers a faster and better user experience for company clients. Further, the robust custom dashboards we built allow management to monitor the business and its KPI progress easily.

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