Playbook for a Smooth Launch

An astronaut holding a cartoonish fishing rod surrounded by cartoonish stars.

Recently, I was upgrading the core functionality of a Shopify app that we built for a client. The nature of this app required the majority of the changes to be tested in the production environment. While this wasn’t ideal, sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Naturally, this introduced a certain amount of anxiety…

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Our Favorite Posts of 2022

Our Favorite Posts of 2022   In 2022 we resumed meeting in person, we pumped the brakes on crypto, we watched the World Cup, we tried to purchase Taylor Swift tickets. And the software world kept spinning. Here at The Gnar we found we had a lot to say over the last year. Here are…

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Our Code Review Process: More than Quality Assurance

Just like writers during the editing process, programmers review each other’s work, provide feedback, and work together to create a more refined, higher-quality end product.  At a basic level, this process helps ensure code quality and brings potential defects to the surface. More than that, it helps developers transfer and grow knowledge, resulting in continuously…

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Buzz Off, FizzBuzz!: How We Interview at The Gnar

Generic engineering challenges like FizzBuzz are the worst. If you’re a developer, you may have groaned reading the last sentence, and we sympathize. If not, here’s the scoop:  The interview process in the world of software development isn’t quite like other industries. In addition to the standard “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” questions, most…

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Exploding Consulting Myths: Work

Ask someone at The Gnar for their impression of a consulting job before and after they joined the team, and you will likely hear two different stories. At The Gnar we put a premium on our team and our culture. In order to do this, we actively resist many of the stereotypical characteristics of a…

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Exploding Consulting Myths: Culture

Can a Consulting Company Be a Team? We Are. At The Gnar we enjoy challenging the common misconceptions around tech consulting. Is it long hours? Is it really competitive? Is every developer on an island? Do I have to wear a collared shirt? The answer is unequivocally: not at The Gnar. Our founders Nick and…

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Who Owns Innovation in Your Company?

Who owns innovation

If innovation at a company is a single person’s responsibility, then that company probably isn’t very innovative. In order to lay a solid foundation for true innovation, the entire C-Suite must collaborate and share responsibility. Even better? If leaders foster innovation within their teams, each employee will be more likely to feel empowered to aid…

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Persuading Your Team to Embrace Change

Embracing change

If your colleagues are resistant to change, you’re not alone—“active inertia,” or the tendency for people and organizations to seek comfort in the old ways of doing things, is a common characteristic of most workplaces. As a leader, though, it’s your job to coax your colleagues into acceptance of (and perhaps even excitement for) the…

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10 Signs Your Custom Software is in Trouble

Does this sound like your company? Customer Support call volume has increased because users are having trouble navigating your website or app. Marketing is frustrated be the inability to make changes to customer-facing applications quickly and easily. Sales is frustrated by crashing or poorly performing demos. If you’re receiving complaints from customers and departments across…

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