Design Systems: What They Are and Why You Need One

A cake on display with one cartoonish figure sitting beside it and another pulling at it.

By definition a design system is a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns. When properly implemented, a design system provides a lot of benefits not only to design teams but development teams as well.  Imagine you are tasked with baking a cake. You know what it…

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Looking Forward in Mobile Development

Image of a pirate jumping out of a phone

TL;DR Very few businesses really need a mobile application. If you use Bluetooth or GPS, you know what you need. But for everyone else, whether you want a mobile app depends mostly on the experience you offer your users. Technology Marches On Mobile development, particular cross-platform (e.g. both iOS and Android), is at a much…

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10 Signs Your Custom Software is in Trouble

Does this sound like your company? Customer Support call volume has increased because users are having trouble navigating your website or app. Marketing is frustrated be the inability to make changes to customer-facing applications quickly and easily. Sales is frustrated by crashing or poorly performing demos. If you’re receiving complaints from customers and departments across…

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When Should Your Company Develop Its Own Software?

Creating your own custom software to bring innovation to your market or to create more efficient operations can be a strong growth driver. But the buy-it vs. build-it decision is a critical one. If buying the software you need just isn’t possible, building it may make sense. But there’s no denying that’s a challenging path,…

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