Meet The Gnarnians: Taylor

Meet the Gnarnians: Taylor

Gnarnian [nahr-nee-uhn] noun: An employee of The Gnar Company In our Meet The Gnarnians series, we unravel the stories, experiences, and passions that drive the folks on our talented team at The Gnar. Through a collection of interview-style questions, you’ll get a sneak peek into daily life on our fully-remote team, some epic origin stories,…

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Ruby to the Rescue for Error Handling

A cat dressed as an astronaut beside a cartoonish flotation device.

TL;DR Though we frequently use the terms “throw” and “catch” when discussing error handling, we must be careful in Ruby to use the more accurate terms “raise” and “rescue”. “Throw” and “catch” have a significantly different meaning in Ruby. The Problem The other day we were writing an RSpec test and were surprised to find…

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Our Favorite Posts of 2022

Our Favorite Posts of 2022   In 2022 we resumed meeting in person, we pumped the brakes on crypto, we watched the World Cup, we tried to purchase Taylor Swift tickets. And the software world kept spinning. Here at The Gnar we found we had a lot to say over the last year. Here are…

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Exploding Consulting Myths: Support

The job of a software consultant is exciting and dynamic. We enjoy being consultants because we welcome a new challenge, we embrace different perspectives, and we love continually working with the latest tech. And as we’ve demonstrated in previous installments, those benefits don’t have to come at the expense of a welcoming team and a…

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Exploding Consulting Myths: Work

Ask someone at The Gnar for their impression of a consulting job before and after they joined the team, and you will likely hear two different stories. At The Gnar we put a premium on our team and our culture. In order to do this, we actively resist many of the stereotypical characteristics of a…

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Exploding Consulting Myths: Culture

Can a Consulting Company Be a Team? We Are. At The Gnar we enjoy challenging the common misconceptions around tech consulting. Is it long hours? Is it really competitive? Is every developer on an island? Do I have to wear a collared shirt? The answer is unequivocally: not at The Gnar. Our founders Nick and…

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