Postgres Full Text Search

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Why you might not need Elasticsearch This blog post is another in my series “Yeah, Postgres can do that”,  (check out my other posts on enum types, and history tracking). Postgres is a humble workhorse with powerful features waiting to be unlocked. If you’re a web developer and you want to add a search bar…

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Enum Types in Postgres

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This is another in the series “Yeah, Postgres can do that.” You can check out the first post about Postgres history tracking. The Rails framework, including Active Record, is built so that you can switch from one database platform to another. If you want to switch from Postgres to MySQL, in theory we only have…

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History Tracking With Postgres

It’s no secret among my colleagues that I’m a huge fan of Postgres. I think the features of modern relational databases are a source of untapped potential in the Rails community.  The Rails community tends to make websites where we can easily swap from one database platform to another, but if you’re okay with your…

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