Practical State Machinery

A cartoonish stick figure swings from a rope tied to a vending machine.

As abstractions go, finite state machines represent a bit of low hanging fruit when you have real world problems to solve. The jargon can be a little forbidding—MDN leads with “a mathematical abstraction used to design algorithms” and pretty much gets more technical from there—but in reality they represent a simple and practical technique for…

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What is the point of free and open source software?

At the risk of a big opening: Free and open source software (FOSS hereafter) is utterly pervasive. It is a global, decentralized public resource responsible for astounding economic output. It presents as ideas and ideals, but many (most?) of us have built careers on top of it, and things don’t get much more concrete than…

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Local Services with asdf and foreman

Upon learning of asdf plugins for backing services like Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch and others, my first question was whether and to what extent it could replace Docker for providing those services in local development, where asdf already shines for versioning. The first obstacle for most users will be that asdf has no equivalent of docker…

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