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Would you like to take a swim? its only a brisk 45 degrees.

Chiswell Is.
Stellar Seal breading ground....Orca hunting ground

The Smith Clan

(...been waiting years to say that)

This was taken 30 seconds before this pod of about 3 Orca's did the
coolest thing I've ever seen in a long time.

just as the pod disapears, I run to the other side of the boat and capture
this male breaching not only once but twice!!!


To see a Orca whale breaching in the wild is rare treat.
To see one breach 40 yards away is simply amazing!
To catch it on film in a sequence twice is UNHEARD OF!!!!!

Our park ranger CJ said in all her 7 years of riding boats and giving tours in Alaska
she had never seen a thing happen.....ya it was a special day!


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